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Live Wire Youth Connection

Enthused, excited, vibrant, alive, passionate and electrified are only a few of the words used to describe the spirit with which LiveWire demonstrates its service to the Lord. The name is partially derived from the church’s name (Live), promoting the fact that the youth are alive and vibrant, and also symbolic of a conduit (Wire) of power connected to God as its source, transmitting light and life to the Body of Christ and the world.

LWCCI recognizes the inherent value of LiveWire to the church’s mission and therefore makes provision for the full expression of the youth’s talent, calling and giftings in the body. It is our firm belief that our youth are strategically positioned and empowered to fulfil their God-given mandate to make disciples of all nations.

Under the sterling leadership of Garvin Joseph, LiveWire Youth Connection never ceases to inspire and bless. Garvin’s leadership style is one which places the emphasis on character development and devotion to God for effectiveness of ministry.