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Counselling & Recovery

LWCCI provides professional, Biblically based counselling and referral services to its members, their families and by extension all those in need outside the parameters of its membership.  We are fully committed to help those who come to find answers to life’s challenges in areas such as, but not limited to, emotional, spiritual, financial, medical, family, pre-marital and marital, legal, grief and bereavement. 

The Counselling and Recovery team encompasses a group of qualified and able individuals who are equipped to offer workable solutions that would empower those in need to repair and restore areas of their lives. We offer precepts, principles, and strategies for living, coping and healing that are consistent with our beliefs, vision and mission, thus creating avenues for fostering meaningful relationships for wholesome living.

Should you request counselling through this ministry, you can anticipate that you will be treated with dignity and respect and be provided the necessary confidentiality. We will do our utmost to provide an atmosphere of support, concern and encouragement.

The Director of our Counselling and Recovery Ministry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Education with major concentration on Counselling & Career Guidance.  In her area of speciality, she has worked as a Life-skills instructor, School Career and Guidance Counsellor and she currently holds the position of Deputy Manager/Senior Social Worker at CHANCES, a home which houses children in need of care and protection