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Ross Boulevard Picard Portsmouth Commonwealth of Dominica


Scripture as well as creation attests to the fact that small beginnings are the genesis of great achievements; tiny seeds of large trees.  In July 2011, a small group of believers desiring a deeper, more meaningful, real and practical Christian experience emerged as a tiny seed, full of life, determined to grow into a mighty people.

The group met for its first time in the open yet sheltered space of the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth in Portsmouth. The congregation had its genesis experience bathed in prayer, fellowship, strong covenant bonds, study of the Word of God and a desire for leadership which understood the rudiments of genuine Christianity. It was not too long before they out-grew their place of worship and through Divine providence, moved to a more comfortable and strategic abode at the Rejens Hotel in Petite Bay, Picard, Portsmouth.

One year later, Pastor Bernard Joseph, together with his family formally took up the reins of leadership and it was at that time that a formal structure was instituted and a name given. This small group of believers was now formally named  Living Word Covenant Church International Inc.  Despite challenges faced, the church continued to experience visible spiritual, relational and numerical growth under its new leadership.

Living Word Covenant Church International has grown over its 2 ½ years of existence and continues to experience and exhibit growth. Today, armed like Nehemiah’s band with a weapon in one hand and a tool in the other, they stand poised on the brink of a major move of God destined to change their world.