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Core Values

       The Core Values Which Guide LWCCI: 

  • We Value God: His Word, His Creation, His Sovereignty, His Divine Attributes, His Redemptive Purpose in Christ for the world, and His Presence through the Holy Spirit.


  • We Value The Lost, without whom we would be unable to show God’s compassion and fulfill the Great Commission.


  • We Value Individual Believers and their growing relationship with God; their Life in The Holy Spirit, and Christian family lives. 


  • We Value Each Believer’s unique contribution to the advancement of the Kingdom of God and the fulfillment of the will of God for his life.


  • We Value a Cooperative Fellowship that enhances The Church’s ability to fulfill its mandate, through Servant-leadership, Covenant Relationships, Restorative Love, Devoted Service and Strategic Mobilization of its Resources.


  • We Value The Body of Christ which is marked by Sound Doctrine, Spirit-filled Worship, Holy Spirit Empowered Evangelism driven by the love of God, and a Heartfelt Compassion for the lost as well as a practical expression of the Christian faith.


  • We Value the Presence of God, with the full manifestation of the power of God through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.


  • We Value Effective, Spirit-filled Leadership, driven by love, humility, and a passion to make a difference for the glory of God.


  • We Value Prayer: as the Bridge which connects the heart of man’s need to the heart of God’s will: Total dependence on God’s direction and power, and that is primarily expressed in our commitment to obedience in prayer.


  • We Value Submission to Authority and one another.


  • We Value Discipleship: Dedicated to helping Believers become passionate in their devotion to the Person, Lifestyle and Mission  of Christ. (Matthew 28: 16-20).


  • We Value Covenant Relationships: with God, and with our fellow brethren.


  • We Value the Unity of the Body of Christ.


  • We Value the Five-Fold Ministry as Special gifts given to the Body of Christ, and their  operation in The Church Local and Universal.