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Proverbs 4:18 The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.

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Listen Live!!

Grab a front row seat and experience Living Word at its best as we use our gifts to glorify God

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Get on top of what's happening at LWCCI. There's always something entertaining, interesting and edifying, all with you in mind

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Potent Quotes From The Spoken Word

Premise: God's salvation plan does not begin with how good we are when He finds us because it doesn't rely on how good we can be. Salvation is not a product of our best effort at being righteous, but it is the work of His amazing grace. (Garvin Joseph)

Living beyond Unbelief is making the decision to Live in the Glory of God which is far more, much higher, where there's a constant flow of New Beginnings resulting in Constant Celebrations. (Rev. Bernard Joseph)

Prayer is a powerful tool to the child of God, but it's power can only be maximized when it becomes a consistent exercise. (Garvin Joseph)

One cannot be born again until the Word of God which convicts him of sin and illuminates his mind to the love and plan of God for his life, has been planted in his heart through he conviction of the Holy Spirit, who gives him that New Life. (Rev. Bernard Joseph)

It is our responsibility to seek those who have lost sight of God’s Image in their lives and help them to brush of all the dirt and dust that sin has placed between them and God giving them a reason to turn back to face him. (Aubrey Thomas Jr.)